Remembering the Fallen – Installation by Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss

“The Fallen” is the brainchild of two British artists to commemorate those who fell during the WWII in the beaches of Normandy. Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss traveled all the way to the historic beach and together with hundreds of volunteers, proceeded to scratch stencils of soldiers into the sand. The initial number of volunteers was around 60, but as word got around, their numbers swelled to more than 500. The images were washed away by the tide after nearly five hours but the effort was definitely worth it. According to Jamie, ‘The idea is to create a visual representation of what is otherwise unimaginable, the thousands of human lives lost during the hours of the tide during the Second World War Normandy landings.’ he added, ‘People understand that so many lives were lost that day but it’s incredibly difficult to picture that number. You could see the horrific casualty of war when you stood on the cliff looking down at the beach. Watching the tide come in and wash the bodies away was symbolic of all the lives lost in all wars, not just during the Normandy Landings.’










Learn more about the project here.