A Natural Order – Collected Images by Lucas Foglia

Lucas Foglia didn’t have an ordinary childhood. His parents were part of the “back-to-the land” movement who strove for self-sufficiency. They had a farm where they grew and preserved their own food. They traded their surplus for what they couldn’t grow. He went to the prestigious Yale School of Art where he was mentored by Gregory Crewdson. After graduation (from the prestigious Yale School of Art, no less), he bought a camper and set off for the Appalachians. He said: “Photography for me is a mechanism to learn about things. I wanted to see if I could find the absolute, if there were communities or individuals who lived off the grid and were wholly self-sufficient.”. After five years of looking for that absolute, he published one of the most insightful photo books of the year. Entitled “A Natural Order”, he tells the story of a hidden America, one where people lived without money, drank from clean mountain streams, and built houses from trees grown on their own land.












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