Just Doodles – Impressive Ink Illustrations by Kerby Rosanes

While we mere mortals doodle with stick figures and bug-like animals, Kerby Rosanes doodles has put him in the international spotlight. Doodling started out as a hobby for this talented Filipino artist which soon turned into a full-time occupation. The rich detail and composition of his work has made online art communities and international art blogs sit up and take notice. Kerby is currently based in the Philippines where he works as a graphic designer in a local company by day and doodles at night for various clients.

graphic designer in a local company by day
















Check out her Sketchy Stories at her awesome website!

  • If this all images are hand made then man seriously hats off to you and to your design.
    It is not a easy task to design such images and it needs very special attentions. You must be a great artistic.