Coleman – Photorealistic Pencil Drawing by Shania McDonagh

Shania McDonagh is a 16-year-old prodigy who has been consistently winning the Texaco Children’s Art Competition for four years in a row. She entered when she was but 12 years old and hasn’t lost since. Most other entries never even came close to her level of skill. This young Irish artist has gained the attention of the online world and is slowly gaining the respect of the professional art world as well. Shania called her most recent piece “Coleman”. The original image was a phottgraph taken by James Fennel of one Coleman Coyne, a fisherman and seaweed harvester. I daresay Shania’s work is even better than the photo.










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  • Jeff Caligari

    The art is clearer than the Photo.
    It is amazing work.
    What also amazes me is how people can show so much appreciation and adoration and give so much value to a copy and overlook the original. Both Beautiful.