Creepers – Ceramic Sculptures by Jess Riva Cooper

Jess Riva Cooper obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. She also has a Master’s degree in Fine Arts specializing in Ceramics from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. As a Canadian Jew of eastern European descent, she loves to integrate the foundation myths of  Yiddish folklore into her sculptures. She said: “I study the foundation myths of the Golem and Dybbuk spirits in Yiddish folklore and reinterpret these traditional stories through a female lens. In my sculptures, the world sprouts plant matter. Color and form burst forth from quiet gardens and bring chaos to ordered spaces. Nature reclaims its place by creeping over structures. Wild floral growth subverts past states, creating the preternatural from this transformation…By introducing anthropomorphic forms into my installation environments, I am able to depict the extremes of embodied human experience. Sculpting the figure, this most familiar of forms, allows me to illustrate the physical and emotional vulnerability of the individual in day-to-day existence.”












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