Hard Core Leather Etchings by Mark Evans

Mark Evans grew up on a farm in the Welsh mountains. He was an outdoorsy type of kid who would rather cliff dive, rock-climb, and generally wander around in the woods. He was seven when his love affair with knives got started after his grandfather gave him his first knife. His involvement with leather, on the other hand, started when he tried cleaning off blood from a brand new leather jacket. He was trying to get the blood off when he accidentally ‘scratched through the blood into the surface of the jacket, right into the suede. He then spent the next couple of years perfecting this new technique which did not have a margin for error. Should Mark’s scalpel slip and cut through the hide (and usually, a finger or two), he’ll have to do the whole thing all over again. He said: “I think I’m most alive when something’s at risk. It’s nothing like painting where the artist can just paint over any mistakes. I have nowhere to hide mistakes, zero margin for error. But I love that, the risk of it, knowing the pressure’s on all the time. What is done cannot be undone.”












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