Awesome Do-It-Yourself 3D Paper Animals by Wolfram Kampffmeyer

Wolfram Kampffmeyer is a talented German artist who is the creative force behind these awesome three dimensional paper sculptures. The animals come in soft pastel colors and look like badly rendered computer generated images. What’s mind-blowing is that they’re not. They’re real, tangible, hand-made sculptures made out of paper. Their resemblance to computer rendered models is intentional. Apparently, Wolfram studies computer animation. Tired of looking at a flat screen all day at his 3D virtual models, he made them come to life. He said: “If you are sitting in front of the computer all day watching your virtual models, you start wishing to hold them in your hands. It was difficult working with virtual models all the time and never being able to really touch them!

After rooting around the internet, he found a program that lets him transform his virtual 3D animal models into real 3D paper models. Not too long afterwards, PAPERWOLF was born. It’s Wolfram’s online Etsy shop that sells do-it-yourself paper craft kits. It started with his Big Five series composed of a Lion, a Buffalo, a Rhino, a Elephant, and a Leopard. After a while, the series spread out and Wolfram started creating entire ecosystems with his 3D paper animals. Pretty soon, the animals started coming out of the walls.

I want to make the Paper WOLF, a big sculpture half coming out of the wall. And I’m working on a bee and a fish. A Snake and an Owl are finished as prototypes, but not yet published. And I have too many ideas in my head and too little time to make them all…” – Wolfram Kampffmeyer

Wolfram is careful not to make his models too big and unwieldy. Too many polygons in a model and it will take too long to make, too small, and it’ll be too difficult to shape. Thus far, he has managed to find a happy medium where his animals can be assembled in a reasonable amount of time and still retain a certain amount of liveliness.















Have a look at his Etsy shop!