Flowers in Potholes – Colorful Tile Mosaics by Jim Bachor

Potholes are the bane of motorists and commuters everywhere. Jim Bachor decided to hit two birds with one stone by filling those potholes in with colorful tile mosaics. His project not only prettifies the streets, it makes for smoother rides, too. It looks like Jim has his work cut out for him in Chicago where a pothole free street is a rare sight.

Jim has always had a fascination for ancient history and archeology. He became interested in mosaics when he went as a volunteer on an archeological expedition to Pompeii. He was impressed by the durability of an art form that managed to survive a volcano blast as well as the usual wear and tears of time.

According to him, “These colorful pieces of stone or glass set in mortar were the photographs of empires long past. Marble and glass do not fade. Mortar is mortar. An ancient mosaic looks exactly as intended by the artist who produced it over two millennia ago. What else can claim that kind of staying power?”

Paintings crack, photographs fade, and digital media get deleted. Jim wants something that will outlast not only him, but his descendants as well.

Since then, Jim decided to focus on mosaic-making. You can see his passion for the tile mosaics of ancient times reflected in his work. He sees his mosaics as lasting evidence of his existence and expertise long after he’s has passed on. All of his work follows the ancient guidelines set by the archaic craftsmen – bits of glass or tiles are arranged and set into mortar.

You might think it’s easy but mosaic-makers like Jim actually race against time to finish each piece. Once the mortar sets, you can’t undo the whole thing without compromising its structural integrity.













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