Gripping Pencil Illustrations by Dino Tomic

Dino Tomic is a multi-talented tattoo artist and illustrator who is currently based in Norway. When not occupied with creating art in skin, he makes them on paper. Skimming through his site, you get to learn that he’s relatively young (26 as of this writing) and extremely dedicated to his craft. Dino realized at an early age that it takes talent and hard work to shine in any field. He said in his artist’s statement: “Its hard and not very rewarding for years. You will not get good over night . You will need to build your foundation first and construct your dream one brick at the time. Work with understanding and a critical eye. Work with a passion and a goal in mind. I still have a lot to learn my self, but at this point I feel that no mountain is hard to climb and no top is unreachable. I got a solid and huge foundation that I can continue building on.”















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