Honest Selfies – Photography by Iiu Susiraja

Selfies used to be something only rich and beautiful people did. With the advent of cheap camera phones and social media, selfies started cropping up all over. Selfies allow you to pretend to the world that you’re happier, richer, wackier, cooler, and way more beautiful than you really are – and the rest of the world pretends to believe it too. For the most part, they’re merely vain self-expressions.

But not all selfies are created equal.

Finnish photographer Iiu Susiraja turns the whole concept on its head by taking a series of pictures of herself highlighting her flaws and insecurities in an extremely entertaining way. The effect is surreal and presents an unflinchingly honest look at a person who knows exactly who she is, and is not afraid of mocking herself.

It takes a great deal of courage to own up to who you really are, and judging from the brutally honest portraits Iiu takes of herself, she’s definitely not lacking in the courage department.

Using props she finds around her house, Iiu mocks her weight, gender stereotype, and society’s expectations. My favorite shot of her is the one above where she wedges a broomstick underneath her breasts. I can’t help but laugh at her I-don’t-care-what-you-think expression as she looks at the camera sporting that broomstick. You can’t help but admire her chutzpah.

Very few people would have the guts to pull it off. Her self-portraits might be entertainingly self-mocking, but they’re never demeaning. It’s as if she knows that people will make fun of her anyway, so she beats them to the punch.

When asked why she chose to pick herself as her subject, she said: “I photograph myself because I am the subject I know best. My art it is like a playful anarchism with equipment and the rituals of taking back the power. Everyday life is my muse.”















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