Perspective – Clever 3D Illustrations by João Carvalho

It took me a good long while to figure out how João Carvalho made his awesome 3D drawings pop out. When I finally did, it was a eureka moment – followed by the realization that it shouldn’t have taken me as long as it did.

Credit goes to João’s mind-bending skill in creating a forced perspective on paper. João is a fifteen year-old artist from Brazil who loves to create three dimensional drawings using nothing more than imagination, creativity, and the perfect angle. He’s also known as J Desenhos on Facebook where he posts his latest work.

Surprisingly, João took up drawing only relatively recently. He never had any formal training — he simply taught himself how to draw.

If you’re still stumped by his drawings, here’s how I think João makes them. First off, he doesn’t actually bend any of the blue lines, he draws them that way, add a little bit of awesome shading and voila! – a 3D masterpiece on paper. He trusts in your mind’s familiarity with blue-lined notepads to fool you into thinking that he managed to bend the lines somehow.

Even as my common sense insisted that no one could do that, my mind stubbornly refused to perceive his drawings as anything other than a notepad with bent blue lines. I thought that maybe this was another display of clever paper-folding art. The absence of sharp creases made me rethink that particular hypothesis.

More staring commenced as I tried to figure it out. Finally, the blue lines themselves tipped me off. They’re a tad bit too thick in some places, and too thin in others. João’s amazing talent at shading completes the picture. Sadly, as with most paper-based 3D art, the illusion shatters when it’s viewed from a different angle.





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Take a look at more of his work on his FB page.

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