Teasingly Twisted Animal Hybrids by Sarah DeRemer

Sarah DeRemer’s PETA-approved animal manipulations would have probably been Dr. Moreau’s dream come true. Sarah is a California-based artist who has been working with animals for ten years. She studied Studio Art at UC Davis and has since moved to Korea to teach English. Being in Korea meant that she no longer had access to her painting studio, so a year ago, she started playing around with Photoshop. Sarah found that by fiddling around with Adobe’s complex controls and commands, she could create any creature that takes her fancy. Thus far, she has been able to create dozens of lovely pair-ups of the cutest and most ferocious of Mother Nature’s creations.

She was inspired by the Hybrid Animals sub-reddit and simply got carried away – with fascinating results. Sarah loves juxtaposing adorable animal heads into ferocious animal bodies and vice-versa. The effect can be startlingly pleasing and a tiny bit disturbing. After looking long and hard at any one of Sarah’s creations, you start worrying about encountering them in the wild. It takes the rational part of your brain a second to remind you that none of them exist in the real world and that a green, dog-headed tree snake isn’t about to fall off a tree and bite your ankle.

These days, Sarah makes animal hybrids on request. Apparently, she finds it therapeutic to create impossible, but highly entertaining animal combinations. Among her creations are: a screaming Birboon (a bird+babboon combination, pictured above), a sleepy Peruvian Llioma (peruvian llama+lion), a hungry Squiwren (squirrel+wren), a howling Monkowl (monkey+owl), a couple of placid German Sheepherds (German shepherd+sheep), a proud and noble Steagle (stag+eagle), and much much more.

Sarah’s work has become viral on the net and has been published in the New York Post, the UK Telegraph, and the Daily Mail.






















Check out more of her work on here.