The First Step Towards Plant Mobility – DOMSAI Terarriums by Matteo Cubic

If there’s one thing plants have always wanted to do, it’s to get up and run. A forest fleeing from a fire would be a sight to behold. But in order to run, you first need legs. That is exactly what Matteo Cubic decided to give his cacti and succulents. He is the Milan-based designer behind DOMSAI terrariums. These cleverly-made terrariums are designed to look like a pair of legs with a clear bubble of plastic incorporated on top.

DOMSAI terrariums come in different shapes and sizes to suit every botanical taste. Most of the plants in the DOMSAI series are from the cacti family. A variety of succulents are featured as well.

Cacti and succulents are perfect for these mini terrariums as most of them grow only as much as the environment allows, making care and maintenance for these plants fairly easy. Not to mention the fact that they’ll survive more than a few weeks without water. They won’t thrive unwatered for long but at least they won’t belly up and die while you’re on vacation. In case you’re wondering, the clear bubble tops actually have a few holes in them to allow the plant to breathe and the owner to get some water into the plant.

Matteo’s DOMSAI terrariums come only in white and gold. If you find white too boring, you could always choose between the different styles of socks Matteo has incorporated into his design. Striped socks, pink socks, and a striking pair of full-length gold ones too.

Matteo currently runs and owns his own creative studio in Milan. Matteo Cibic Studio has been up and running for the last five years. Most of their work involves product design and creative direction for Italian as well as international companies.

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