A Masterpiece 10 Years in the Making – Sculpture by Ra Paulette

Ra Paulette is the badass artist who carved out an entire sandstone cave – just because he could. It started ten years ago when Ra took a backpack, a wheelbarrow, and his four-legged best friend, and went tramping across New Mexico. The area was littered with sandstone caves which sparked a long-time passion inside him. Everyday thereafter, he went back to one of the caves he found and carved out elaborate tunnels. The tunnels branched out here and there to individual chambers, and the whole interior is lit with light ‘chimneys’ and a few side tunnels that lead to the outside.

The inside of the cave is covered in carvings, even the walls of the ‘chimneys.’ Ra’s designs are a bit eclectic and no two chambers are ever alike, but one can’t help but be impressed with the effort and dedication it took him to create this incredible masterpiece. According to him, the chambers are designed to foster ‘spiritual renewal and personal well being‘.

Ra’s magnum opus isn’t even done yet, he’s still going at it. If you check out his website, he’s actually asking for contributions to keep the project going. It would be a shame for him to stop this close to finishing for lack of funds — even starving artists need to eat, too. The completed structure will hopefully serve as a venue for artistic events.




















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