Alternate Realities by Charvel Saligumba

Aliens and outer space has long been a staple of science fiction, probably because scientists can’t really rule out the presence of intelligent life ‘out there.’ Artists too, are inspired by these mythical creatures and because no one has ever seen one, their imaginations can run wild as to what form these aliens might take.

One of these aforementioned artists is Charvel Saligumba. He is a Toronto-based visual artist and character designer who has created some memorable (and by memorable, I mean nightmare-inducing) alien life forms.

Charvel is went to the Seneca College of Art and Technology and specialized in Independent Illustration. He also has an extensive background in visual development, concept art, visual communication, and illustration. He describes himself as an ‘artist with a passion in creating worlds and exploring ideas.’ His main goal now is to make a name for himself in the field of film and video game animation.

If this sampling of his work is anything to judge by, Charvel definitely has the potential to break into that elite group of exceptionally talented artists that give life to our favorite animated film and video game characters. I truly hope he does. I’d like to meet that humongous fellow with the toothy smile playing with those cars up there.









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