Before I Fall Asleep – Images by Caras Ionut

Caras Ionut describes himself first and foremost as a family man and second, as an artist. If his description of himself is to be believed, he’s a rather strange fellow who, for no reason at all, screams on the street. He says he simply tries to do something funny wherever he goes, and apparently, screaming is one of them. According to him, he doesn’t have any problem expressing himself in public space. One of his favorite forms of self-expression is comes in the form of dancing.

Public displays of creativity aside, Caras is a gifted digital manipulator. His series, ‘Before I Go Asleep,’ is a unique blend of whimsy, beauty, and the unreal. Caras loves to travel and the stuff he sees on the road is probably what inspires him to create these image. He might be a little guilty of being a teeny bit heavy-handed with digital manipulation to the point that it becomes obvious that something had obviously been done to the image. The mash-ups however, seem to work quite well, no matter how disparate the concepts seem to be.

His love affair with photography began almost a decade ago and his passion for digital art only seems to increase.According to him: “Photography allows you to see what other people can’t, to capture unique moments and save special emotions for life.” He is currently based in Romania where he lives with his wife and daughter.




















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