Flaming Flemish – Superhero Paintings by Sacha Goldberger

There are loads of comic character portraits out there with just as many interpretations, but Sacha Goldberger’s “The Super Flemish” series really stands out from the rest. He re-imagined all our favorite superheroes dressed them up in 16th century Flemish finery. It’s kinda hard to think of Batman in ruffles but Sacha simply nailed it. Even with the ridiculous ruffles and somber/pensive expressions, the characters remain perfectly recognizable.

It took Sacha five years to complete the series. I’m sure someone else could do a quick copy-paste job in five minutes, but the outcome just won’t be the same. Shacha’s team had to look for the perfect superhero look-alikes just to pull the whole thing off. You can’t just stuff random people into vaguely-heroic-looking costumes, snap a picture, and call it a day.

You can tell the effort that went into the series just by looking at the costumes they had to make for each character. Admittedly, they didn’t have to make a lot of effort for the Hulk as he only needed a pair of funny pantaloons and neck ruffles, but the rest had to be decked out in authentic-looking attire that wouldn’t look out of place in a 16th century Flemish portrait.

According to Sacha, he has always been fond of superheroes. He also admitted to being raised in a house chock0-full of Flemish paintings. The two factors combined to inspire him to create this classic series. According to an interview on Bored Panda, he said: “I always try to give my point of view on things. I try to tell a story. With this series, I am speaking about a lot of things, like European romanticism, mortality, vulnerability…

I suppose it’s no surprise when Sacha revealed in the same interview that he has always had a fondness for superheroes and that he grew up in a house full of Flemish paintings.














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