Foxes of Russia – Breathtaking photos of Russia’s Wild Foxes by Ivan Kislov

Russia’s landmass spans over 6,500 square miles, much of it uninhabited wilderness. It is within this vastness, Magadan-based photographer Ivan Kislov plies his trade. During the weekday, he is a mining engineer, but as soon as he has a bit of free time, he slings his camera bag on, and ventures out on lengthy hikes to snap photographs of Russia’s wildlife and incredible landscape.


While Ivan has photographed all kinds of wild animals, from bears, to reindeer, to wolves, he says that oftentimes foxes are the most willing models, thanks to their curiosity. He says “…[they] can come very close, and I shoot with wide angle and telephoto lenses.” We think his work on foxes is quite incredible, and helps brings awareness and a certain amount of their “cute-factor” to the public eye.



Through his photographs, we can see the foxes’ at rest, playful yet intelligent, mischievous yet affectionate.









Truly, what does the fox say?

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