Girl Power – Empowering Posters by Carol Rossetti

Society, as a whole is largely patriarchal with the power balance distinctly tilted towards the men. Brazilian artist Carol Rossetti wants to change all that with her powerful series ‘Women’. The series is aimed at women who are marginalized, ostracized, and ridiculed for their looks, life choices, and attitude. It touches on socially relevant issues like gender stereotype, rape, abortions, self image, sexual preference, religion, and even motherhood.

Carol is a 26-year-old freelance graphic designer and illustrator. Currently based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, she runs a graphic design studio with three of her friends. The studio is called Café com Chocolate Design. She describes herself as a cinema enthusiast, a chocolate lover, and a frenetic reader. Her literary taste runs towards weirdly captivating worlds created by Neil Gaiman. She’s also into the works of Amanda Palmer.

‘Women’ was started in early May and was originally in Portuguese. According to Carol, the project was inspired by “the world’s attempts to control women’s bodies, behaviors and identities”. She also added: “I’ve started a series of illustrations in a friendly tone hoping to reach people about how absurd this really is.” Apparently, Carol wants women everywhere to break free of that box. A closer look at each of her illustrations reveal that most of her illustrations are aimed at changing women’s self-image. Obesity, baldness, aging, clothes, and make-up are all addressed in this series. Each image is accompanied by a few well chosen phrases carefully chosen to amp up a girls self-esteem and confidence.

Carol makes all of the illustrations herself, but she did post a comprehensive list of people who helped her through out the project.















Have a look at her awesome website.

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