In Search of Lost Frogs – Images by Robin Moore

Robin Moore is the photographer/adventurer behind this epic photographic collection of rare and exotic frogs. The photo book, entitled “In Search of Lost Frogs,” is a chronicle of Robin’s efforts to capture the world’s rapidly disappearing species of amphibians. He traveled all the way to Colombia, Haiti, Costa Rica, Philippines, and Guatemala.

According to Jennifer S. Holland, the New York Times bestselling author of Unlikely Friendships and Unlikely Loves, Robin’s book is “A beautifully rich and personal exploration of the plight of amphibians and the people working to save them. Moore’s book proves him not just a fantastic photographer but an excellent reporter and compelling storyteller. Such a vital part of the natural world, amphibians are lucky to have this artist on their side.”

In his website, Robin said: “In Search of Lost Frogs is a story about my epic quest to find and photograph the rarest amphibians in the world – amazing frogs and salamanders not seen since the turn of the century. These Lazarus frogs, appearing against all odds years or decades after they were believed extinct, could hold vital clues to help us stem the hemorrhaging of life on our planet.”

Robin is a Senior Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers. Not surprisingly, he is also a part of Amphibian Survival Alliance (ASA) m- an organization bent on the task of preserving the various species of endangered amphibians for future generations. He is currently under the employ of National Geographic.












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