mo\co Transforms Streets of Brazil

Art studio mo\co takes the streets of Salvador, Brazil for a spin with their project “Hibridizacao” (Hybridization in English). This installation art transforms unusual spaces in the street into a whole new venue for other people to interact with.

Whether it’s a building ruins-turned-beach front or a cozy spot for relaxating in a hammock along the streets, you are sure in for a treat. Created by the people and for the people, Hibridizacao takes its audience through an already familiar place and changes it into a subtly different world. Take a look at the map and finished products below.


The concept sketch map for the installations are fully laid out here.


A beach front lets you relax and enjoy the view.


A full on bedroom and kitchen along the streets.


A living room in the corner of a street.



Sketch map of the details and design.


More about this project here.

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