Quilled Paper Carpets by Lisa Nilsson

Quilling is a tedious artistic process where paper is meticulously rolled and arranged to create elaborate designs. Lisa Nilsson is a spectacular sculptor who specializes in this particular craft. She has more than just mastered the art of quilling, she excels in it. No one even comes close.

She has already had several exhibitions of her craft. One of her earlier works featured anatomically correct cross sections of animals and the human body. The series, called ‘Tissue’ received critical acclaim when it was released.

Lisa spends months on each piece, rolling and tucking each individual strand of paper. She usually starts in the center and fills up the spaces as she goes along. Lisa uses almost anything small and cylindrical to roll the paper in. Pins and needles, dowels, and even drill are all utilized in her work.

She’s also the one responsible for building the wooden frame of each of her works. According to one art critic, the quality of Lisa’s work ‘has never been seen in its hundreds of years as an art form.’

One of her more recent series featured recreations of elaborate carpets and rugs made with tightly packed quilled paper. From afar, you’d mistake it for the real thing. Up close, you can see the tiny individual strips of tightly wound paper that make up the entire piece.  Quilling is definitely not for the faint of heart.
















You may also check Pondly out on Facebook and Twitter. Now, go see more of Lisa’s brilliant work, which is prominently displayed at All Things Paper, an online gallery where you can browse just about any and all things artistic that has to do with paper. They also have an interview with Lisa regarding her artistic process.

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