Troll Selfies – Creepy Creatures by Impsandthings

Impsandthings is a sculptor and art teacher. Her real name is yet unknown, which leads me to think that she’s maybe a fairy of some sort. After all anonymity is all the protection she’s got. And while she reveals herself to be an art teacher, that doesn’t mean she teaches humans. The quality if her work however, leaves nothing to speculation. you can clearly see how well crafted her creatures are (assuming of course that they are sculptures, and not the real thing). Her attention to the smallest detail leaves no room for doubt about her skill as a sculptor. According to her, she often doesn’t know what it is she’s making, exactly, until it starts to come alive in her hands.

Impsandthings’ creations lean more towards the fantastic creatures that can usually be found romping around in the woods. Creatures like trolls, faeries, imps, etc. She thought that her finished pieces looked rather bored just sitting in her shelf at home so she occasionally takes them out for walks. She also takes her camera with her on these walks and a good thing too. We otherwise wouldn’t be treated to these almost-too-realistic-looking images of her creations having a good time out in the woods.

The woods isn’t the only place she takes them either, she also takes them to graveyards, which just upped the creepiness factor to another level. Don’t get me wrong, I love her sculptures. Even at a glance, you can see the enormous amount of attention that she paid to every little detail. They even sport accessories like backpacks, canes, pipes, and whatnot. The only thing is, I wouldn’t want any of them on a shelf at home. They just might take it into their heads to have a little midnight stroll in the local graveyard – by themselves.










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