A Splash of Paradise – Paintings by Zaria Forman

Have you ever been to the beach paradise called The Maldives? No? Yes? Zaria Forman spent a month there, and the result was not only stunning paintings, but also an environmental plea.

Zaria’s art is unique in the sense that she tries to capture climate change in her works.

She started her drawing career early on in her childhood, when she traveled around to some of the most remote places in the world with her family. These trips served as photography material for her mother to cover, so we can see where the creative talent came from.

She studied in Skidmore College and has since then put up exhibitions in the US and other countries. In her paintings of the Maldives, Zaria shows the shore with stunning visuals of splashes to convey the rising sea levels, which is particularly precarious for the Maldives, as they are one of the lowest-lying countries in the world.











More of Zaria’s works here.

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