First Ever Underwater City Gets a Design from Japan

Japan takes living on Earth a little further as Shimizu Corporation, a leading civil engineering, architectural and general contracting firm, revealed the design for the first ever underwater city in the world. No longer should we wait to find the hidden underwater city that is the Atlantis as Japan will make the city possible.

Called The Ocean Spiral, the city will measure more than four football fields in length with electricity and water supplies running two miles deep into the sea. Some of the planned inclusions in the city are sustainable fisheries, plazas, promenades and hotel for up to 5,000 people. According to the firm, they want to maximize the space under the sea as some of the habitations on land are facing damage from rising sea levels.

Though construction will not be sooner than 2035, we will eagerly wait for it so we can dive deep into a whole new world living.








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