The Art of Fantasy and Sci-Fi by Blaz Porenta

Stunning. That’s one word to describe Blaz Porenta’s illustrations. This Slovenian illustrator has got lots of imagination up his sleeve.

Looking at his works, Blaz takes his on perception of a subject and translates them in his own signature of dread and terror. Whether it be a fantasy (see his rendition of Hansel and Gretel and Three Little Pigs), card games (Legend of the Cryptids) or album covers (Siddharta’s Saga), Blaz takes his art to a whole new level.

He also proves his versatility on his portraits (Musician/Composer Ryuichi Sakamoto and Director Karpo Godina) that inspires the beauty and calmness. Fans of fantasy, sci-fi and superheroes will surely love his numerous works.

This artist is also not without his awards as he received praises from the likes of Digital Arts California and CGHUB Artist Award. He also shares his knowledge and talent by conducting workshops.













More of his wonderful creations here.

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