Artist Shows the Dangers of Water Pollution in a Single Thread

Artist and art professor Bethany Taylor shows the truth behind the growing water pollution and its effects to the environment using one single thread. This wall art forms different sea creatures and organisms as one thread is used to create it.

Here you can see where the thread starts and where it ends as it casually hangs down the wall. Most of the images you will see are skulls, fishes, and algae that represent the effect of chemical pollution in Florida’s sea, ocean and lakes. It is said that the toxic blue green algae have begun to form under water as a result of the pollution.

Bethany further elaborates on the intention behind her work saying: “Like many other places in the world, Florida’s water is threatened each year by the poison runoff from water pollution caused by inadequately treated sewage, pesticides, manure and fertilizer.  The toxic algae created by these unchecked industrial and agricultural practices, is literally choking our waterways, creating dead zones in our ecology that are harmful to both humans and wildlife.”

Water pollution art










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