Fashion Art Illustrator Shows off Her Deck of Cards

California-based artist Connie Lim created a series of Card Deck with her fashion art hand-drawn illustrations. According to Connie, the primary goal is to convey her feelings and thoughts through art that is accessible, personal and shareable and relatable.

Her creations are mostly centered on women and fashion with their fluid hand gestures, fierce facade and gorgeous hair, and each card represents a time in her journey through life during which she was creating the piece and aims to speak to the audience at one point.

Connie uses pen, gouache, micron pens, ink and watercolor for her cards. The collection is not only seen printed on cards but also on  tote bags that you can carry around. You may catch her hustling back and forth through London, New York and London promoting her works.

You can see more of her works in progress via her Instagram account here.

Fashion Art


















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