Photos That Make You Feel Small – Jakub Polomski’s Scale Of Nature

Avid mountaineer and photographer Jakub Polomski loves adventuring, especially in the mountains. So in one of his treks to the Alps in France and Switzerland, he decided to capture the beauty of the mountains and the scale of things we rarely see everyday. Titled Scale of Nature, Jakub’s series of photographs shows how small humans are compared to the enormity of nature. These are photos that make you feel small.

The photographs show that people are only a dot or a speck when compared to the mountains and the nature that surrounds us. It may convey that humans should always value the meaning of nature and the surroundings because there are far greater things than human problems.

“I want to show how small and meaningless humans are compared to nature,” says Jakub. His sentiments come from his great respect for nature and the environment and it shows through his snaps.






Photos that make you feel small













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