Artist Goes Bananas – Fruit Art by Elisa Roche

We all have a favorite food we can eat every day for the rest of our lives. It can be pasta, chicken, beef or any form of sweets, we always have that one food the we can eat forever. For chef Elisa Roche, she goes bananas with bananas — literally. As stated in her Instagram bio, she eats lots of bananas but not before she fools around with them, turning them into fine pieces of fruit art.

Fooling around with bananas means making art out of them. Painting on bananas started with Elisa being bored at work. Since then she has created tons of artworks on bananas. This might be the most productive progression of procrastination I’ve ever seen! Have a look of what boredom can do to you below.

Fruit Art by Elisa Roche











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