Breathtaking Views in The Brothers Grimm Wanderings Photos

We all have a favorite fairy tale that we like to go back to every once in a while. In Kilian Schönberger’s series of photographs, prepare to be taken back to the dreamy places right out of a fairy tale. A follow up to his Brothers Grimm Homeland series, The Brothers Grimm Wanderings was shot in Central Europe. Killian shares that his goal is to project a visually accessible places where the audience can look at it and put his or her mind at rest and just relax. True enough, his photos are a breathtakingly good that takes you into another world where you can sit back, relax and forget about the real world.

Though he is considered as color blind, Kilian says it does not bother nor give him disadvantage in his craft. He believes that structures are more important than colors and separate them in a way that emphasizes the structures to create a more visually appealing result. Way to go!

The Brothers Grimm











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