Face Painting Transforms Ordinary Humans to Superheroes – by Lianne Moseley

For women, makeup does a lot of wonderful things. It can transform a girl’s dull day to a bright one with just a brush and some color. For Canadian makeup artist Lianne Moseley, she uses makeup to transform ordinary people into superheroes. Lianne puts her makeup skills to use by face painting others to look like heroes such as Captain Planet, Hulk, Storm and Wolverine. And the result of her makeup does not only make them look like superheroes in the flesh but also as pop art like they are in the comic books!

In an interview with Calgary News, Lianne talked about how she started experimenting with makeup. “My mom sold catalogue cosmetics and right from the start, I just got right into it,” said Lianne. “In high school instead of studying I spent a lot of time practicing and doing friend’s makeup.”

Face Painting by Lianne Moseley






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