Lego Superheroes by Alexander Tissier

Lego Superheroes. Your favorite superheroes and fictional characters get a face lift in this mashup by Argentinian art director Alexander Tissier. Alexander mixes comic book superheroes, such as Batman and Spiderman, with other fictional characters like James Bond and Homer Simpson. While uncommon to say the least, Alexander does this with the help of one of the world’s greatest toys ever: LEGOs.

Seriously, who doesn’t like LEGOs (aside from when you step on them)?

In this mash up, we see combinations like Homer Simpson meets Wolverine (Homerine), and James Bond meets your friendly neighborhood hero: Spiderman (Spiderbond).

Alexander further explains his work as “You create your own fictions with History. So I decided to adapt this concept to the American pop culture fiction as Marvel heroes, Simpsons, Star Wars etc… trying to use these icons to have a more actual/modern approach with the message.”

Check them out below. We think they’d make great collectible items.

Lego superheroes






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