The Beautiful Women of Stella Im Hultberg

Korean artist Stella Im Hultberg is known for her flamboyant and whimsical paintings of women. Her works, which are mostly portraits of women, displays the finesse of a female form. Soft flowy hair, smooth skin and big piercing eyes are the some of the few things that sets her creations apart.

Stella Im Hultberg studied Industrial Design  in college and worked as a product designer in her early days. In 2005, she decided to paint and illustrate on her own and the rest is history. She can be seen eating, riding her bicycle and playing the New York times crossword puzzle when she’s not on working on the canvas or paper.

She credits the Internet for her success as an artist as saying in an interview with Modern Met: “I can’t imagine not having any internet and being an artist. If Lowbrow/Pop-surrealism is artworks that is approachable by many, it definitely wouldn’t have grown without the internet, the equalizer and propagator of everything we consume with our eyes and minds (and money) these days.”

Art by Stella Im Hultberg







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