Femme Fatale Armies by Jen Ray

Born in Raleigh, North Carolina, artist Jen Ray redefines the female and male dynamics in her creations. With vivid watercolors and mystical characters, Jen translates aunique and powerful union of the male and female form. Although her art is mostly seen as “Femme Fatale” as most of the leads in her works are females, Jen does not veer away from representing the male form in almost half-humanlike way. However, this does not mean that males are of inferior kind than women. She frequently uses a gold chain in her works to represent the incredible union of male and female forms which is an allude to surrealist collaborators and lovers, Lee Miller and Man Ray.

So much can be said of Jen’s works and her army of Femme Fatales. Her style of vibrant and colorful watercolors brings out the femininity of her creations but the lines and provoke a kind of soft yet strong emotion. See for yourself below.






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