Dimitra Milan’s Endless Possibilities in Dreamscapes


Dreamscapes – Artist Dimitra Milan is 16 years old. But as young as she is, she didn’t let herself be caught up by social media. Painting is her way of life.
Her paintings convey a unique representation of humanity, wilderness, and dreams. His subjects are women, nature, and animals coexisting in a single painting.

“I paint women and animals/nature together to create a dreamy atmosphere and to give you a feeling that anything is possible. I think of each animal more as a symbol, rather than just the animal itself," she says.

Milan started painting just four years ago at an art institute in Arizona founded by her parents, Elli and John Milan. There she took art classes from classical foundation to modern media. She then continued enhancing her creativity and after finishing home school, she decided to focus on painting and make it her full-time career.

She aims to make her viewers join her in a “grand supernatural adventure." Somehow, she says, the relationship between women and nature is like our relationship with our creator. Including in her paintings are wild animals that are predators. She said the animals in her paintings are tamed.

“I hope that when people see my artwork, they see beauty. I hope that they see themselves. I hope they have some kind of deep, internal response in their heart," she further says.



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