Journalism and Fashion Combined by Jetty Van Wezel

News and clothing are a strange combination, but designer Jetty van Wezel came up with an art project that merges journalism and fashion. She calls it “Newshirt."


Dutch artist Van Wezel uses newspapers printed with international headlines to create folding button-up shirts. Her intention is to produce a fashion statement and give emphasis on these vital social issues around the world. “Newshirt" is a “statement against the disposable, throwaway culture of today’s media landscape."

She said her viewers are challenged to look for beauty in mundane things and are also dared to interpret common images they see everyday. “A hasty thing like flipping through the pages of a newspaper is transformed into an urgent moment of concentration," she remarked.

In the folding process, she zooms in on specific details and searches for aesthetic balance in composition, line, and color. Highlighting issues from sports to refugee stories, she said it’s all passing by. Some pictures from the newspapers she uses are huge part of our society that can be considered “turning-point images."

She exhibit these folding shirts at Dutch Design Week last October 2015. Now, Van Wezel continues to design as she has a background in Illustration and Fashion.

More of Van Wezel’s works here.

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