27 Stunning Perspective Photography Shots You Have to See

Many beginning photographers think they need lots of expensive equipment or exotic locations to capture an interesting shot, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Perspective photography can be used to turn an ordinary, everyday scene into a surreal, wacky, or even artful image. The photographers featured below all found ways to play with perspective and skew it to fit their purpose.


Here is our curated pick of the best perspective photography images on the Internet

1. You may have heard of the term “fish eye” in photography, but this fishy photo by Oleksandr Hnatenko gives it a whole new meaning.

2. Darren Frisina adds an extra layer of interest to colorful, cartoon-like drawings by creating the illusion of three-dimensional works.

3. Not all perspective photography shots are comical, this combination of flower and ballerina by Tatiana Mikhina creates an expressive, artsy image.

4. Meg Pickard captures the relationship between reader and story in this carefully framed shot of a fellow passenger on the subway.

5. A simple tilt of the camera turns an ordinary swimming pool into the illusion of a literal wall of water in this image by Laurent Dejente.

6. Lukasz Wierzbowski shows how an everyday object, like a fountain, can be transformed with a little bit of imagination and the right camera angle.
7. Choosing a different perspective can take a common shot at a popular tourist attraction and turn it into something unique, like this image at the Great Wall of China.
8. This image by Hiroaki Koga captures the art of graffiti and photography in a single, surreal image using the tricks of perspective.
9. Pet lovers will appreciate the fun, and possible frustration, of posing with your pet for some strange and humorous photo combinations.
10. No special tools are needed for this bit of photo fun: just grab a camera, a pen, and a pet that will sit still for more than 30 seconds.
11. Flickr user sgoralnick shows how a splash of water for a “shadow” can instantly create the illusion of levitation.
12. Need a new use for your old toys? Ollie Harridge shows how to make your plastic figurines appear larger than life.
13. If your shot isn’t working the way you want, try adding a second technique like turning it into a high contrast black and white image.
14. We really like this perspective photography capture. Always take multiple shots from various angles when possible and you may stumble on a clever visual idea, like this cannon and cloud illusion by Giulia Piu.
15. Do a complete 180 and turn an ordinary shot into an extraordinary one, like this upside down photo of a cyclist by Noah Gage.
16. Some chalk and a few props are all you need to recreate this whimsical image by NJ Sabs.
17. Not all perspective shots require multiple people or lots of room, as this image by Mr. Flibble proves.
18. Matt West combines photography and the idea of more traditional art forms in this clever perspective shot of “painting” a model village.
19. The best photographers know that sometimes you just need to have some fun with your photos. Steve Zeidler shows how the right angle and a watering can produce a zany result.
20. The most dramatic shots are not always the most obvious, as this photograph by Lee Faircloth shows. Its use of reflected lights gives it an almost otherworldly feeling.
21. Some perspective photographers go big while others, like Alan Travers, choose to go tiny instead. Focusing on an ordinary object instead of the person in your image is an interesting twist on traditional photography.
22. Alex Schwab shows how bringing along an extra camera can let you capture the art of photography within the photograph itself.
23. Too old for model cars? Flickr user Stefan shows how you can turn life-size cars into your playthings.
24. If you have a group of bored friends willing to pitch in on your project, you can capture some excellent perspective shots like this snow day mayhem by Jeppe Olsen.
25. Grab your sweetheart and you can create some optical illusion imagery of your own as this photo by Alexandre Duarte demonstrates.
26. While you’ll have to wait for everything to align in just the right position, you can use natural elements like the sun to create interesting illusions such as “SunBall” by Waleed Almotar.
27. Construction work often features lots of large machines lifting things high in the air — perfect for perspective shots, as Jens Roesner proves.
Now that you’ve seen what perspective can do for your images, go out and give it a try! Whether you have an idea already in mind or simply want to play around and see what happens, be sure to try out different angles including close up, far away, up high, and down low. You may be surprised at what you capture.