5 California Surf Paintings by Kathleen M Robison

By on April 27, 2012, in Paintings

Surfer 6x8" - A surfer feels out the froth of the wave in San Clemente, CA.

Impressionist painters are constantly drawn to the mystical beauty of the sea. Something about the earth meeting the water creates ideal subject matter for paintings, and this is ever so apparent in the Southern California coast. Kathleen M Robison is a Southern California plein air painter that paints the ocean and the sea. She realized a gap between the amount of surfers and the lack of paintings of surfers in the impressionist style. When the young groms grow up and start earning a higher income, their tastes tend to mature from burritos and skateboards to craft beer and original oil paintings. Or so it seems.

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Serene Plein Air Oil Paintings by Kathleen M. Robison

By on January 1, 2012, in Paintings

Kathleen loves painting the California coast in Laguna Beach, CA

Kathleen’s painting style can be described as Expressive Impressionism┬átaking cues from the California impressionist masters, as well as traditional French Impressionists. Her main focus is on the California coast and the surrounding beauty in the landscapes of Southern California. With smooth, loose brushstrokes, and a radiant beautiful colors she seeks to convey the feeling of the calm serene beauty of nature.

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