Dystopic Thematization of the Post/Late Modern Youth Generation by Marie Wengler

By on May 29, 2012, in Photography

My name is Marie Wengler (born 1992). I have been interested in and working with photography and art since a young age, and at the age of only 20 years. Even though I’m still very young and completely self-taught (so far – I’m checking out different artistic educational options at this moment), I have been contacted by a recognized exhibition house in Copenhagen, Denmark, in order to establish my first solo exhibition from the 3rd of May – 5th of August 2012. The exhibition will also become a part of Copenhagen Photo Festival 2012. The images featured in the exhibition, which is called ‘Generation Y?’, thematizes the life issues of the post/late modern youth generation, which I belong to myself. I have experienced the issues of the post/late modern existence myself, I have learned to understand the new living condition for our new post/late modern era.

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