Teasingly Twisted Animal Hybrids by Sarah DeRemer

By on November 19, 2014, in Design

Crazy Chimeras Hybrid Animals18  605 600x450 Teasingly Twisted Animal Hybrids by Sarah DeRemer

Sarah DeRemer’s PETA-approved animal manipulations would have probably been Dr. Moreau’s dream come true. Sarah is a California-based artist who has been working with animals for ten years. She studied Studio Art at UC Davis and has since moved to Korea to teach English. Being in Korea meant that she no longer had access to her painting studio, so a year ago, she started playing around with Photoshop. Sarah found that by fiddling around with Adobe’s complex controls and commands, she could create any creature that takes her fancy. Thus far, she has been able to create dozens of lovely pair-ups of the cutest and most ferocious of Mother Nature’s creations.

She was inspired by the Hybrid Animals sub-reddit and simply got carried away – with fascinating results. Sarah loves juxtaposing adorable animal heads into ferocious animal bodies and vice-versa. The effect can be startlingly pleasing and a tiny bit disturbing. After looking long and hard at any one of Sarah’s creations, you start worrying about encountering them in the wild. It takes the rational part of your brain a second to remind you that none of them exist in the real world and that a green, dog-headed tree snake isn’t about to fall off a tree and bite your ankle.

These days, Sarah makes animal hybrids on request. Apparently, she finds it therapeutic to create impossible, but highly entertaining animal combinations. Among her creations are: a screaming Birboon (a bird+babboon combination, pictured above), a sleepy Peruvian Llioma (peruvian llama+lion), a hungry Squiwren (squirrel+wren), a howling Monkowl (monkey+owl), a couple of placid German Sheepherds (German shepherd+sheep), a proud and noble Steagle (stag+eagle), and much much more.

Sarah’s work has become viral on the net and has been published in the New York Post, the UK Telegraph, and the Daily Mail.

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Timeless Classics – Images by Eisen Bernardo

By on November 15, 2014, in Design

eisen bernardo 410 Timeless Classics – Images by Eisen Bernardo

Eisen Bernardo is a Filipino children’s book illustrator and graphic designer. He is the artist behind the viral  images of modern magazine covers juxtaposed into classical paintings. The series is called “Mag + Art”. I love the way that each image fits perfectly, and sometimes seamlessly, into the scene. The series is where Picasso, Ingres, Boticelli, and Klimt meet Adele, Ali, and Angelina Jolie meet. Eisen said: “This ongoing project is my way of giving homage to the magazines – as venue of human artistic expression and vehicle of popular culture.”

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Unlikely – Hilariously Useless Objects by Giuseppe Colarusso

By on November 12, 2014, in Design

unlikely 4 600x399 Unlikely – Hilariously Useless Objects by Giuseppe Colarusso

Giuseppe Colarusso ius the artist responsible for the square-shaped rolling pin that you see up there. It’s just one of the hilariously useless objects that he has created for his series ‘Unlikely’. In some of the images, the catch isn’t immediately obvious and it’ll take a while for the viewer to catch on to the fact that the object is perfectly useless. Many of the pieces are fabricated by Giuseppe himself, while some are made via Photoshop. he’s hoping that each image will make you stop, think and hopefully bring a smile to the viewer’s face. A worthy cause indeed. The coffee cans sure cracked me up.

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Zany Chalk Art by David Zinn

By on November 10, 2014, in Design

bench eater tall lores Zany Chalk Art by David Zinn

David Zinn has been featured in Pondly before but we just can’t get enough of his zany chalk art. This time, we’ve featured a number of his most recent work that has cropped up all over Ann Arbor, Michigan. David draws his characters on the spot, using found objects, street fixtures, and even random cracks on the sidewalk. Using trompe l’oeil illusion, he incorporates his characters into the surface on which they are drawn. Zinn started his craft way back in 2001. It started out as an excuse to linger outdoors which eventually evolved to a profitable venture. The recurring characters in his work are Sluggo, a bright green monster with stalk eyes and irreverent habits; Philomena, a phlegmatic flying pig; and a number of rather adorable mice.

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Union – Creative Furniture Design by Hilla Shamia

By on October 24, 2014, in Design

shamia 6 Union – Creative Furniture Design by Hilla Shamia

Hilla Shamia is an extremely creative product designer who has found a novel way to ‘marry’ wood with metal to create sleek and stylish tables and benches. The process involves pouring molten aluminum into the irregularly shaped piece of wood and molding it to the desired shape. The process leaves the wood a bit charred and burnt where it meets the metal but the overall affect lends the entire piece a sense of authenticity. I don’t know how Hilla ever managed to create these amazing pieces of furniture without the wood parts bursting into flames. Hilla is currently based in Israel.

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Artistically Appetizing Breakfasts

By on October 23, 2014, in Design

colored artistic pancakes 131 600x857 Artistically Appetizing Breakfasts

Attempts to nail down the creator of these appetizingly artistic pancakes have failed, but for all his anonymity, his talent is self-evident. Imagine waking up to a breakfast of fantastically rendered pancakes before school. Breakfast of champions indeed. These images were uploaded by user ptgkbgte in Reddit and has since gone viral all over the net. It was allegedly made by a friend of his, an unnamed father, for his son. The pancakes look (and probably taste) amazing but I do find it a little disturbing that all but one of the animals belong to the endangered category.

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Hilarious Coloring Books for Adults by Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen

By on October 21, 2014, in Design

adult coloring book coloring for grown ups ryan hunter taige jensen 7 Hilarious Coloring Books for Adults by Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen

Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen are the authors of this darkly entertaining coloring book for adults. Any parent who has mistakenly given this coloring book to their child will have a whole lot of explaining to do. It started out as a stand alone edition but as its fan base began to grow, they began to ask for more. Two more additions came out and there’s probably more yet to come. Coloring For Grown-Ups: The Adult Activity Book encourages online submissions of finished pages. Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen are currently terrorizing Brooklyn, New York with their acerbic wit and twisted humor.

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Kirie – Delicate Paper Sculptures by Akira Nagaya

By on October 9, 2014, in Design

kirie paper art cuttings akira nagaya 2 600x450 Kirie – Delicate Paper Sculptures by Akira Nagaya

Akira Nagaya is a Japanese artist who creates impossibly intricate paper cut-outs entirely by hand. Akira discovered his talent for making fine cuts while learning the art of sasabaran – a technique for cutting food decorations from bamboo leaves at sushi shops. While practicing, he discovered, to his own amazement, that he actually enjoyed the process. What’s more is that he actually excelled in it. He then began learning kirie, the Japanese art of cutting intricate designs on paper. It wasn’t until later that Akira started displaying his artwork to the general public.

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Rendered – 3D Art by Lee Griggs

By on October 7, 2014, in Design

xgen 3 Rendered – 3D Art by Lee Griggs

Lee Griggs is a Madrid-based artist who uses 3D animation and rendering software to create these realistic topographical illustrations. Most of them resemble ocean floors, planetary surfaces, or even weather patterns. Each image is made of innumerable colored cubes, cylinders, and spheres extruded to create eye-catching patterns. Lee utilizes Maya Xgen and Arnold to render each image. If you’re ever inerested in creating you own, he shares a couple of tutorials over at his blog.

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Magical Needlework by Chloe Giordano

By on September 26, 2014, in Design

chloe 2 Magical Needlework by Chloe Giordano

Chloe Giordano’s miniature embroidered animals have been making the round in the internet lately. Their size as well as the level of detail that Chloe has put into them has impressed even the most jaded internet skeptic. Also, she does it all freehand. She creates her own patterns and works out for herself the best way to make the tiny animals come alive. According to her, it’s the planning stage that takes up the most time. The actual sewing takes between two to three days. Chloe is currently based in Oxford where she’s available for projects and commissions.

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