Game Art Archive

Killer Game Art by Xavier Thomas

Xavier Thomas is a Canadian artist whose impressive portfolio includes games such as Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell Conviction, Prince of Presia, and Driver. He was the Communication Art Director at Ubisoft and most of the images he was involved with were used as box art, game art, and featured in magazines. Xavier also co-founded the […]

Caught On Digital Canvas – Pokémons by Gavin Mackey

Halfway from the original manga and current fantasy re-imaginings lies Gavin Mackey’s interpretation of the adorable Pokémon characters. Some of the supper-powered critters became even more adorable while the some turned into the stuff of nightmares. Gastly, Bulbasaur, and Charmander are but a few of the Pokémons he has re-drawn to the delight of fans […]

Less is More – Minimalist Lego Ad by Jung von Matt

Lego is a quite simply a child’s toy. In the course of its seventy-odd years, it has evolved into a world wide phenomenon with several Lego-themed amusement parks and competitions popping up. Recently they commissioned Jung von Matt, a Germany-based advertising company for one of their many minimalist ads. The results are indeed on the […]

Gamers’ Game Faces by Timothy Saccenti

Gamers are a breed apart. Timothy Saccenti did a great job capturing their game faces when Sony commissioned him for their ad campaign for Sony PlayStation 3. Every grin of triumph, frown of frustration, and grimace of anger was perfectly captured. The mood lighting and the contrast is simply wonderful and highlights the emotions of […]