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Newspaper Sculptures by Nick Georgiou

Nick Georgiou’s newspaper sculptures are inspired by the death of the printed word. His sculptures are products of their environment —both literally and figuratively. As often as he can, he uses local newspapers to add authenticity, and the form the sculpture takes is a reflection of the personal connection he feels to that particular city. […]

Welded Steel Sculptures by Jang Yong Sun

Sculptures from way back are made of stone, but nowadays, almost anything can be used to make one. Anyone can be creative with whichever material they possess, but without talent and patience, only a few like Jang Yong Sun can come up with sculptures such as those made from welded organic steel. He carefully shaped […]

Bonsai Tree Houses by Takanori Aiba

A tree doesn’t have to be a few meters tall before you could consider building a tree house in it. Takanori Aiba conquers the possibilities of how small a tree should be for putting a house with it. These bonsai tree houses have been sculpted and formed with such elegance and detail one must have […]

Made Like Manhattan by Yutaka Sone

If you happen to think the photo looks like some random blocks carved out and then called art, think again! This well-thought idea of carving such masterpiece was already mindblowing, more so knowing it’s the map of no other than the city of Manhattan. On this marble, you can see just how much time, effort, […]

Literally The Ice Kingdom Of China

Want to walk through more than just snow? Enjoy going around these castles made with blocks of ice as the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival invites you to this beautiful wonder of Harbin, Heilongjiang province in northeastern China. Your eyes will definitely feast on the illuminated ice structures as the night passes on, and […]

Jill Sylvia’s Paper Art

A paper airplane is something anyone can make. Delicate paper sculptures on the other hand, are Jill Sylvia’s specialty. She likes to make art out of lined sheets of paper. Ledgers and other official sheets are easy prey. Cutting paper may seem like an easy task until you look a little closer at how precise […]

Jim Sanborns Reveals the Secrets of Science Through Art

Artist Jim Sanborn (born 1945) creates his art around science and hidden information. His cryptographic sculptures, pieces on atomic energy and large-scale projections are fascinating throughout the mystery they evoke, combining scientific discovery with an artistic quest. His works have been exhibited all over the world, from Japan to the United States, including in front […]

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Willard Wigan

No, that’s not a giant fly. That’s a really teeny, tiny cat sculpture. Feast your eyes at Willard Wigan’s masterpieces, but don’t forget to bring a microscope. Most of his work are so small that they comfortably fit in the eye of a needle with plenty of room left over to spare. Some micro sculptures […]

Architectural Photos in Perspectives by Paul Bica

Who says it is only through people and animals that a photographer can easily express? Paul Bica shows otherwise with his high-quality shots of different architectural structures that simply take one’s breath away. He treats his photos with principles that he learned throughout as he had started doing photography.

Awesome Hands For Awesome Crafts

What else could be worth the time of an artist but the work of his own hands? Brighton-based designer Kyle Bean impresses his audience the remarkable craft of handmade models. The effort of this kind of artist never fails to show through the art itself, as genuinely produced with the passion for the creation of […]

Paper Crafts Cut Art by Hina Aoyama

Hina Aoyama has a passion: to create super fine lacy-paper-cuttings with only a simple pair of scissors. She uses a mixture of the traditional and modern styles to produce her own world through her own special paper crafts technique. You would think she uses an X-ACTO knife (we recommend this set) to create her elaborate pieces, but that is […]

Good Virus – Kindness Is Contagious

The documentary, Good Virus profiles bleeding-edge scientists and authors from UC Berkeley, Harvard and everywhere in between as well as real life people whose lives illustrate their incredible discovery: That kindness IS contagious. Street performers, soup kitchen volunteers, police officers, models, CEOs, baseball players, roller girls, concert pianists, artists, and many more tell you their […]

Ammunition Sculpture by Al Farrow

San Franciso-based sculptor Al Farrow uses bullets and gun parts to create models of churches, temples and mosques. It’s his way to highlight the disquieting relationship between war and religion. The result is magnificient.

Unbelievable Metal Sculptures by David Kracov

It is rare for an artist to create a work of art that stirs so many emotions, leaving the viewer speechless. David Kracov has accomplished exactly this on more than one occasion. One of David’s greatest passions is to create sculptures that cause deep memories to surface and heartfelt emotions to stir. These creations may […]

The Worlds Tallest Bridge – The Millau Viaduc

The Millau Viaduct is one of the most impressive civil engineering feats of our time and hold the record of highest bridge in the world with 245m, or 19m higher than the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Spanning almost 2.5km across the River Tarn in the South of France, The Millau Viaduct is also the longest […]

Los Nadadores de Carole Feuerman

Carole A. Feuerman es un artista estadounidense, y ampliamente considerada como una de las más importantes del mundo híper-realista. Sus esculturas son hechas de resina pintada al óleo, pero también utiliza otros medios de comunicación como el bronce y la piedra.

The Worlds Largest Cruise Ship – Allure of The Seas

MS Allure of the Seas is a cruise ship owned and operated by Royal Caribbean International. Together with her sister ship, Oasis of the Seas, she holds the record for the largest passenger ship ever constructed, 360 metres, although the Allure is 50 millimetres longer than the Oasis, making her technically the largest despite the […]

Impresionantes Esculturas Hiperrealistas por Ron Mueck

Ron Mueck es un escultor hiperrealista australiano. No es un escultor cualquiera, ya que sus “obras de arte” reproducen fielmente cada detalle del cuerpo humano, llegando al extremo de poner en sus figuras poros, lunares, puntitos negros, vellos en los brazos y piernas, cabello y todo lo que el cuerpo pueda tener.

Unique Paper Sculptures by Carlos Meira

Carlos Meira is a designer who was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He cuts paper and creates original characters and places. He developed his unique style when he went to Portugal. He also uses his talent to illustrate books.

ZAHA HADID, MAXXI – Stirling Prize For Architecture 2010

Stirling Prize for architecture 2010 has been awarded to MAXXI. The MAXXI – National Museum of the 21st Century Arts is a national museum dedicated to contemporary creativity, located in the Flaminio neighbourhood of Rome, Italy. It is managed by a foundation created by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. It was designed […]