Go to the Woods – Film – Bestially Mysterious!

By on December 19, 2012, in Videos

listovka Go to the Woods   Film   Bestially Mysterious!
GENRE: macabre+fiaba

TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/55340357
project page http://www.indiegogo.com/gotothewoods

Everyone who is interested in the independent movies can join the project “Go to the woods” and get a lot of supercool stuff. Posters, screensavers, cool animal masks, wooden reed pipes, photo-shoot in a forest, invitation to a party in a dense forest and an opportunity to become a part of the team and be in the movie.

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Wacky Political Music Video from “Le Peuple de l’Herbe”

By on June 5, 2012, in Videos

snapshot20120522221555 1 600x336 Wacky Political Music Video from Le Peuple de lHerbe

Famous french band “Le Peuple de l’Herbe” release his new political involved wacky video for the song “Parler le fracas” (“talking the crash”). Directed by Wasaru, discover this animated music video, melting of photography and drawings in the video below:
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Good Virus – Kindness Is Contagious

By on February 2, 2012, in Videos

Kindness Cures First Aid Kit Good Virus   Kindness Is Contagious

The documentary, Good Virus profiles bleeding-edge scientists and authors from UC Berkeley, Harvard and everywhere in between as well as real life people whose lives illustrate their incredible discovery: That kindness IS contagious. Street performers, soup kitchen volunteers, police officers, models, CEOs, baseball players, roller girls, concert pianists, artists, and many more tell you their heartfelt stories of kindness and generosity. The shocking conclusion is that nice guys do indeed finish first! Learn how a little generosity can help you live a happier, healthier, wealthier, longer and more fulfilling life.
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Love is Like Life but Longer

By on March 20, 2011, in Videos

Directed by: Poppy de Villeneuve

Stanton Warriors – Turn Me Up Some

By on March 15, 2011, in Videos

Directed & Produced by Messrs.

Conan O’Brien Kinetic Typography

By on March 9, 2011, in Videos

This Kinetic Typography project was created from the dialogue of Conan O’Brien’s final episode of The Tonight Show on NBC. In this farewell address, he describes his feelings towards NBC and the situation at hand. His personality exudes positivity and humor allowing this dialogue to describe his character very well. Even through the hardships of leaving NBC he promotes hard work and kindness.
Created by by Jacob Gilbreath.

Kanye West – All Of The Lights

By on February 23, 2011, in Videos

Director: Hype Williams

Atomic Tom – Don’t You Want Me

By on February 19, 2011, in Videos

Featuring Topher Grace, Anna Faris, Teresa Palmer, Dan Fogler, Demetri Martin, and more.
Directed by Isaac Rentz

The Party

By on February 16, 2011, in Videos

Ad for Danish Road Safety Council
Directed by Adam Hashemi

Raphael Saadiq – Good Man

By on February 12, 2011, in Videos

Directed by Isaiah Seret