See Through – X-Ray Images by Nick Veasey

By on July 2, 2013, in Concept Art

nick veasey3 See Through – X Ray Images by Nick Veasey

Nick Veasey has managed to fuse science and art in his work. He’s a British photographer who works with images created from X-ray imaging. It all started when he was asked to take an x-ray of a cola can. Back then, he was working in advertising. As an experiment, he also X-rayed his shoes. He was encouraged by the positive reaction he garnered from the results when he showed the results to his art director. He hasn’t looked back since. His work has been featured in many international advertising campaigns.

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A Surprise With Every Meal – Artwork by David Laferriere

By on June 27, 2013, in Concept Art

David Laferriere sandwich bag drawings7 600x449 A Surprise With Every Meal – Artwork by David Laferriere

David LaFerriere is a graphic designer and a Dad. For years now, he has been sending his kids off to school with a bit of lunch and a piece of art. He draws a fun, and sometimes food-related design on their sandwich bag everyday. To date, he has drawn well over a thousand designs in as many sandwich bags. At first he started with simple black ang white drawings of a slice of pie, a duck, or a fish. Since then, his illustrations have evolved into more colorful designs. According to him, he enjoys the challenge of coming up with a new design everyday.  He said: “I’ve been doing it for my kids since they were little. They love it, and nothing makes me happier than hearing their reaction at the end of the day.”

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Think Different – Sassy Street Art by Ladamenrouge

By on June 24, 2013, in Concept Art

LaDamenRouge Think different 600x879 Think Different – Sassy Street Art by Ladamenrouge

Ladamenrouge is an up-and-coming street artist from Saint Etienne, France. His work can loosely be categorized into three styles: 1) subverted urban environment (which includes “improved” street signs), 2) pavement art, and 3) eye bombing (drawing eyes on distorted images to give them a face). Like most of his kind, Ladamenrouge wanders the streets looking for random inspiration. Armed with a few stencils, some spray paint, and a sense of humor; this daring artist isn’t afraid to work his magic  – even in broad daylight!

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Creative Collages by Laura Collins

By on June 19, 2013, in Concept Art

Laura Collins7 Creative Collages by Laura Collins

Laura Collins utilizes nostalgic imagery and combines them with feminine themes to come up with provocative collages. It takes a moment for the playfully ironic message of her work to sink in, plus, the incongruity of her collages make viewers do a double-take. Laura was originally a painter but most of the accolades  come from her collage work. She said: “I initially used the immediacy of collage as a relief between working on large paintings, and gradually began valuing the medium in its own right as part of my professional practice.”  Laura lives and works in Chicago.

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Obon – An Earth-Friendly, Glow-in-the-Dark Installation Miya Ando

By on June 17, 2013, in Concept Art

miya ando obon puerto rico photo lorraine young for fist art foundation copy Obon – An Earth Friendly, Glow in the Dark Installation Miya Ando

Miya Ando is an artist of Japanese and Russian-American descent and was raised in a Buddhist temple in Japan and in the coastal shores of Northern California. Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout the world: London, New York, South Korea, and California. Last year, she went to Puerto Rico for her installation entitled “Obon” after the Japanese Buddhist festival honoring the spirits of one’s ancestors. She released a thousand non-toxic resin leaves into a small pond. The leaves were coated with a phosphorescent mixture which recharges during the day and gives off a ghostly blue glow at night. Miya has a Bachelor of Science degree in East Asian Studies from Berkely where she graduated with a Magna cum Laude.
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Currency Collage by Philippe Pétremant

By on June 12, 2013, in Concept Art

money 06 Currency Collage by Philippe Pétremant

Philippe Pétremant is a French photographer who creates interesting collages using different kinds of paper bills from all over the world. He calls this fascinating series “Les Sept Mercenaires” (The Magnificent Seven). The series is equal parts origami, collage, and photography. He begins with paper currencies from different countries, folds them is such a way so that only the parts needed show, then assembles the whole thing together using paperclips. Philippe then takes detailed, close-up photos of his work.

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You Can Dress ‘Em Up, But You Can’t Take Them Anywhere – Zoo Portraits by Yago Partal

By on June 6, 2013, in Concept Art

tumblr mlkam4rGTL1s7aky5o1 500 You Can Dress ‘Em Up, But You Can’t Take Them Anywhere – Zoo Portraits by Yago Partal

Yago Partal Studied Fine Arts in Barcelona, Spain. Together with Manel Soto, he spent six years putting together projects for Chesterfield International, Filmax, and Sitges Film Festival. He also exhibited a number of personal work during this time. After a while, he put design and illustration aside to concentrate on video and photography. Yago joined the DDT SFX company (which won an Academy Award for Pan’s Labyrinth) as a conceptual designer. While there, he worked in several films like J. A. Bayona’s “The Impossible” as well as Pedro Almodovar’s “The Skin I Live In”. “Zoo Portraits” is one of his more recent series which features  anthropometric animals cleverly dressed-up as humans.

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Scrumptious Art by Hong Yi

By on May 26, 2013, in Concept Art

hong yi food art 183 Scrumptious Art by Hong Yi

Hong Yi’s previous work was a portrait made up of socks hanging from bamboo poles as well as a coffee cup-stained canvas portrait. She calls her latest body of work ‘creativity with food’. According to her, the series has helped her push the limits of her creativity by forcing her to churn out new designs every day. It has taught her to not be too serious about what she does, but also to pay attention to detail and to work within the confines of a very small area. “I keep a sketchbook with me where I jot down every idea that comes to mind. I shoot all photos with natural lighting, around 4-5PM when the light’s really nice and soft…this means I need to have my idea ready by around 3PM, so I’m usually rushing up on work like a mad woman in the afternoon.” Hong Yi admitted.

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Harmless Guns – Compositions by Sonia Rentsch

By on May 24, 2013, in Concept Art

265c art Harmless Guns – Compositions by Sonia Rentsch

Sonia Rentsch is an Australian designer and stylist. One of her more recent compositions feature a variety of handguns made entirely out of dried plants. The series was made for the latest January Biannual. Sonia has a degree in Industrial Design from MIT, Australia. Her clients include the Suddeutche Zeitung (Germany), L’oréal Melbourne, and Christian Dior (UK). She was also the editor-at-large of some popular design papers. Before Sonia transitioned from film to still-life set design, she worked for the creative house Moth Design n Melbourne.

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Colors All Around – Advertising Images by Mahmoud Hassan

By on May 22, 2013, in Concept Art

9f0b6bd6b32390a6f5e80422da4cac6c Colors All Around – Advertising Images by Mahmoud Hassan

Mahmoud Hassan lives and works in Nasr City, Egypt. One of his more recent projects is a series of images for Faber-Castell’s line of coloring pencils where various objects and animals are seamlessly fused with colored-pencil tips. All of the images are rather amusing but the one where the Dachshund’s rear end is transmorgified into a pencil tip is my favorite. The expression on the dog’s face is simply delightful. It’s as if he’s eagerly waiting for a chance to be rubbed onto a piece of paper.