Surreal Fantasy Landscapes – Digital composites by Luigi Gallo

By on April 27, 2013, in Concept Art

fantasy book by Luigi Gallo600 423 Surreal Fantasy Landscapes – Digital composites by Luigi Gallo

Luigi Gallo was near Napoli, Italy in 1993. He studied at “Europa” Institute and got a diploma in graphic design. He’s currently into digital imaging and photo manipulation and his surreal composites have created quite a stir in the web. His subjects are mostly fantastic landscapes presented in a surrealistic. Steampunk loudspeakers, flying islands, Atlantis, and a floating ship-farm are just some of stuff you’ll see in his landscapes. He signs his work with “Gallus”.

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Into the Maw of a Monster – Artwork by Davi De Melo Santos

By on April 22, 2013, in Concept Art

DMS2 Into the Maw of a Monster – Artwork by Davi De Melo Santos

Walls, tunnels, and mounds of trash are all fair game for Davi De Melo Santos. This Brazilian street has peppered the streets with comic murals. Far from the common perception of street art as hateful vandalism. His subjects are most often a bit monstrous in origin, yet Davi manages to portray in them in an amusing way. David turns potential eyesores into a thing of beauty. In the art circles, he is known by his initials DMS. He currently lives and works in Brazil.

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Going Bananas – Pinprick Portraits by Honey

By on April 17, 2013, in Concept Art

Honey4 Going Bananas – Pinprick Portraits by Honey

Honey is a Filipino graphic artist and illustrator. Her distinguished clients include Seiko, Yamaha, Volvo, and Mercedes Benz. Her inspiration comes from life, human nature and socialization. She’s perfectly happy painting, drawing and making things all day. She finds inspiration in life, human nature, and socialization. Honey is also the founer of Sweet Station, a collaborative art blog that features a steady stream of posts about graphic design, photography, architecture, and graphic art.

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Rockin’ Paintings by Roberto Rizzo

By on April 15, 2013, in Concept Art

Roberto Rizzo peregrine hawk Rockin’ Paintings by Roberto Rizzo

Roberto Rizzo is an Italian artist best known for his rock paintings. He pick out stones with peculiar shapes from rivers and beaches. He manages to coax out the most amazing animals hidden in the stone.Seven years ago, he was using mainly watercolors in his illustrations. Rock painting led him to explore the potential of acrylic paint. Each of his rock paintings are unique and he incorporates every hole and imperfection of the rock into his painting. He said: “I always loved the plenty of shapes and objects Mother Nature gave us. This variety represents my main source of inspiration while I’m painting.”

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A Matter of Taste – Fulvio Bonavia

By on April 14, 2013, in Concept Art

39 600x600 A Matter of Taste – Fulvio Bonavia

A Matter of Taste is a collection of Fulvio Bonavia’s delectable creations. Among them are fruit and vegetable handbags, a cashew shoe, candy rings, pastry bracelet, eggplant shoes, pasta belt, rice boots, and my personal favorite: lettuce thongs. Fulvio’s innate brilliance with inventive imagery has led big names like Adidas, Sony, Montblanc, and Pirelli to hire him for their ads. He actually started out as a graphic designer and illustrator of film posters. It wasn’t until later that he delved into photography. As a photographer, he takes care of every detail including post-production. Fulvio currently lives and works in Milan.

Prison Break – Hilarious Street by OaKoAk

By on March 29, 2013, in Concept Art

oakoak 72 Prison Break – Hilarious Street by OaKoAk

OaKoAk is a French street artist who sees the humorous potential in the most inconsequential everyday objects. His imagination turns cracks, peeling wall paint, railings, and other random objects on the street into hilarious works of art. Her work is not only brilliant, it also brings a smile. He said: “I saw shapes everywhere, and wanted to realize them.”.  This is one street artist I’ll definitely be watching out for.

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Points of Contention – Installation by Jonathan Latiano

By on March 25, 2013, in Concept Art

contention 2 Points of Contention – Installation by Jonathan Latiano

Jonathan Latiano’s installation “Points of Contention” is an explosion of what appears to be crystalline growth from the wooden floorboards of  a gallery in the School 33 Art Center in Baltimore. It’s actually made from plastic, PVC pipes, and styrofoam. Its his way of calling into question the continued production of synthetic polymers, resins, and plastics versus the long-term impact on the environment. Jonathan was born and raised amongst the rural hills of Bucks County, Pennsylvania graduated from the Moravian College in Bethlehem with a degree in Studio Art.

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Out Of Place Images by Robert Rickhoff

By on March 21, 2013, in Concept Art

robertrickhoff04 Out Of Place Images by Robert Rickhoff

Robert Rickhoff’s series ‘Out of Place’ infuses tongue-in-cheek humor with seemingly commonplace settings. A skateboard ramp and a badminton court (at least I think it’s a badminton court) is set right in the middle of a street. All of the photos were digitally altered but it’s hard to tell in a few of them. The accident-friendly swing and slide are a couple of my favorites. If they were real, I’d probably risk a ride just for the thrill of it.

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Rice Art in Japan

By on March 19, 2013, in Concept Art

budha rice art Rice Art in Japan

Crop circles in the West ain’t got nuthin’ on the Rice art of the East. Every spring, Japaneses farmers take a lot of time and effort to ‘paint’ images in their rice fields using white, black, and yellow-hued species of rice. The subjects range from Mona Lisa, to Napoleon Bonaparte, to Samurai in armor. It’s a pity they have to harvest such beautiful works of art, but it sure tastes great with a side of sushi.

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Asterisms – Installation by Gabriel Orozco

By on March 3, 2013, in Concept Art

sandstars01 Asterisms – Installation by Gabriel Orozco

Gabriel Orozco’s “Asterisms” is a sculptural and photographic installation made up of nearly 1,200 objects the artist collected from a protected coastal biosphere in Baja California Sur, Mexico and a playing field near his home in New York. There’s also twelve, large-scale gridded photographs of the individual objects in a studio setting, organized typologically by material, color, and size. The peice was displayed at the Guggenheim Museum in Berlin.

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