Meticulous Ink Drawings by Ben Sack

By on June 27, 2014, in Illustrations

sack 4 Meticulous Ink Drawings by Ben Sack

Ben Sacks weapon of mass construction is a black 0.05 Staedtler liner pen. Detailed drawings are nothing new in the art world but imagine making one nearly four meters in circumference! One of his latest work, ‘A Single Note’ took dozens of pens and months to complete. He loves creating highly detailed urban landscapes based heavily on European cities, Gothic structures, and a big dash of science fiction. Of his work, he said: “Life in dreamy antiquity was often a heroic struggle. Though the societies of antiquity were bloody, dirty and corrupt the idea of antiquity has come to represent some resounding ideals in present society; democracy, justice, law and order, balance, symmetry. These ideals are now the foundation stones of our own civilization, a civilization that some distant future will perhaps honor as antiquity.”

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Strange Fiction – Concept Art by Vlad Marica

By on June 24, 2014, in Illustrations

001 concept art vlad marica Strange Fiction – Concept Art by Vlad Marica

Vlad Marica is a digital artist and illustrator form Bucharest, Romania. His talent was noticed by none other than Applibot, the company behind the popular social gaming phenomenon Legend of the Cryptids, Chaos Drive, and Legend of Monsters. He is currently working for them as a concept artist, churning out outstanding image after image of unforgettable characters. Vlad’s creations are as meticulously detailed as they are wonderfully rendered.

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Unlikely Adventures of the Blue Girl – Illustrations by Sungwon

By on May 31, 2014, in Illustrations

80ec7ba8d9179070e367c89481fcf6c6 Unlikely Adventures of the Blue Girl – Illustrations by Sungwon

Sungwon is a young, up-and-coming artist, illustrator, and fairy tale writer. Her blue girl series has caught the eye of quite a few netizens and earned her a relatively small, but loyal followers. The series is composed of black and white illustrations with blue girl the only one in color. Each image encourages the reader to try and recreate the story behind it. Also, if one looks closely, one may be surprised to find a few hidden easter eggs in her work. Sungwon is currently based in South Korea.

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Apt Animals – Awesom Illustrations by Redmer Hoekstra

By on May 27, 2014, in Illustrations

owl Apt Animals – Awesom Illustrations by Redmer Hoekstra

Redmer Hoekstra is a Dutch artist whose work is slowly garnering worldwide attention for their humorous and slightly disturbing appeal. His creations are clever composites of animals and objects. A loosely bound owl, a peeling cetacean-submarine, warty garden bricks, steam-powered rhinos, dirigible moths, scaly keyboards, and a ravenous set of feathery teacups – all unlikely, but each perfectly combined. You can take a good, long look at even more of his work over at Behance, or you could buy prints of his work in Redmer’s very own online shop.

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Haunted – Paintings by Graszka Paulska

By on May 26, 2014, in Illustrations

Graska Paulska web1 Haunted – Paintings by Graszka Paulska

Stare long enough at Graszka Paulska’s painting and it starts staring right back at you. I guess the creepiness and surrealism of his work is part of the appeal. Te viewer simply can’t help but take a good long look at his work to try and figure it out. His subjects are mostly women who are mostly in the nude, but their nakedness is in no way presented as something explicitly erotic. It is the women’s struggle and struggling pose that draws one’s attention, It is only later that you notice that the subject is exposing more skin than absolutely necessary. Graszka currently lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.

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Dreaming – Illustrations by Li Jin Hua

By on May 25, 2014, in Illustrations

49bc542e9a9a8adf3be27577f9976200 Dreaming – Illustrations by Li Jin Hua

Li Jin Hua is an excellent illustrator from China. Although I do find it just a bit odd that one of his main subjects, a dreamy pre-adolescent boy always has his eyes closed. I guess it’s probably because the places he’s in are probably just in his dreams. Li also did an excellent series featuring the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and of course Tom Sawyer. Not much more is known about this talented artist except for the fact that he is definitely a budding illustrator for children’s art books.

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Dragons, Villains, Heroes – Illustrations by Kekai Kotaki

By on May 22, 2014, in Illustrations

Kekai Kotaki10 Dragons, Villains, Heroes – Illustrations by Kekai Kotaki

Kekai Kotaki grew up in the big and beautiful island of Hawaii. Distracted by the all the sunshine and picturesque views, he moved to Seattle to attend art school. His first artistic job was as a lowly texture artist at ArenaNet, the makers of the Guild Wars franchise. A favorable mix of talent, oodles of hard work, and a dash of luck, he was made a concept artist. He spent a little more than eight years at ArenaNet before taking a big plunge and went solo. Nowadays, he can still be found at Seattle enjoying his growing career as an illustrator. His list of clients include prestigious names like Tor, DC Comics, and National Geographic. Kekai also travels the world doing workshops.

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Coleman – Photorealistic Pencil Drawing by Shania McDonagh

By on May 21, 2014, in Illustrations

1 Coleman – Photorealistic Pencil Drawing by Shania McDonagh

Shania McDonagh is a 16-year-old prodigy who has been consistently winning the Texaco Children’s Art Competition for four years in a row. She entered when she was but 12 years old and hasn’t lost since. Most other entries never even came close to her level of skill. This young Irish artist has gained the attention of the online world and is slowly gaining the respect of the professional art world as well. Shania called her most recent piece “Coleman”. The original image was a phottgraph taken by James Fennel of one Coleman Coyne, a fisherman and seaweed harvester. I daresay Shania’s work is even better than the photo.

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Hard Core Leather Etchings by Mark Evans

By on May 8, 2014, in Illustrations

mark evans leather artist interview 09 Hard Core Leather Etchings by Mark Evans

Mark Evans grew up on a farm in the Welsh mountains. He was an outdoorsy type of kid who would rather cliff dive, rock-climb, and generally wander around in the woods. He was seven when his love affair with knives got started after his grandfather gave him his first knife. His involvement with leather, on the other hand, started when he tried cleaning off blood from a brand new leather jacket. He was trying to get the blood off when he accidentally ‘scratched through the blood into the surface of the jacket, right into the suede. He then spent the next couple of years perfecting this new technique which did not have a margin for error. Should Mark’s scalpel slip and cut through the hide (and usually, a finger or two), he’ll have to do the whole thing all over again. He said: “I think I’m most alive when something’s at risk. It’s nothing like painting where the artist can just paint over any mistakes. I have nowhere to hide mistakes, zero margin for error. But I love that, the risk of it, knowing the pressure’s on all the time. What is done cannot be undone.” Click here for more »

Hyperrealistic Pencil Drawings by Jose Vergara

By on May 4, 2014, in Illustrations

hyper realistic drawings coloured pencils redosking 5 Hyperrealistic Pencil Drawings by Jose Vergara

Jose Vergara is a 19-year-old Texan whose hyper-realistic pencil drawings of the human eye has caught the attention of art overs everywhere. While they may not be mistaken for actual eyes, or even photographs of eyes, Jose’s drawings are incredibly detailed. Eyes are not the only thing he draws, he has also drawn a pair of lips, and masterful portraits of popular fictional characters. He is quite talented for his age and I can’t wait for his talents to be in full bloom. When looking for him in the net, you might want to try using his handle Redosking.

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