Heroes in Lego – 3D Illustrations by Albert Co

By on March 5, 2014, in Illustrations

Albert Co11 Heroes in Lego – 3D Illustrations by Albert Co

Albert Co is a talented artist who specializes in 3D Digital Illustration. Apparently, he also has a thing for Heroes and Legos (Yes, I know, the correct plural form is Lego bricks but Legos rhyme with heroes. Deal with it). One of his more recent series features pop culture icons-turned-into-Lego bricks. His subjects include comic book heroes: Thor, Iron Man, Wolverine, The Hulk, Spiderman, Captain America, The Fantastic Four, and their accompanying villains. He also has quite a few Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings renderings which are quite epic. I love the way he paid attention to detail such as Harry’s scar, Frodo’s sword, and Gandalf’s staff.

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A Long Journey – Imaginative Illustrations by Artem “Rhads” Cheboha

By on February 18, 2014, in Illustrations

300 large A Long Journey – Imaginative Illustrations by Artem “Rhads” Cheboha

Artem Cheboha is an uber talented illustrator and digital painter from Russia. This 26-year-old artist shows a lot of promise. His artwork showcases his active imagination. I love the fact that he chooses complimentary palettes of rich and warm colors for each digital painting. Rhads, as he is known in artistic circles, also dabbles in a bit of speed painting on the side. He is currently based in Saturn, Encelad.

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The Order of X – Re-imagined Comic Book Characters by Nate Hallinan

By on February 11, 2014, in Illustrations

003 hot concept art nate hallinan The Order of X – Re imagined Comic Book Characters by Nate Hallinan

Nate Hallinan is an American concept artist who thought it would be a fun exercise to re-imagine the X-Men characters in an alternate medieval reality. Thus emerged The Order of the X, a group of ‘gifted’ individuals in the service of Lord Charles Xavier. “The Order provides sanctuary and protection to individuals outcast by society due to their innate abnormalities. These people are often misidentified as monsters, demons, warlocks and witches.”. Nate currently works freelance but will be more than happy to work in-house when available.

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In Daryl We Trust – Awesome Fan Art by Michael Rogers

By on February 6, 2014, in Illustrations

tumblr mvljzykzdo1s74l29o1 500 In Daryl We Trust – Awesome Fan Art by Michael Rogers

Michael Rogers, also known as BigBadRobot is a huge fan of The Walking Dead. While most fans limit their fanhood to likes on Facebook, Michael expresses his through his awesome fan art. His artwork puts the official posters to shame. Michael’s work often incorporates the silhouette of a main character set against an utterly recognizable scene from the movie/TV show. He’s also a fan of Breaking Bad, Wolverine, Batman, Sherlock, and the Game of Thrones.

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Awesomely Accurate Celebrity Portraits by Piotr Lesniak

By on February 3, 2014, in Illustrations

Piotr Lesniak  8600 673 Awesomely Accurate Celebrity Portraits by Piotr Lesniak

Piotr Lesniak is the artist behind these awesome celebrity portraits. What’s unique about his work is that he doesn’t focus solely on Hollywood celebrities. Also, his portraits have a distinctly woodcut feel about them, and yet each one is utterly recognizable. Among the celebrities whose likeness he has captured are: Jude Law, Jeremy Irons, Haruki Murakami, and Angela Merkel. Piotr is currently based in Warsaw, Poland.

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Cheeky Illustrations by Waldemar von Kozak

By on January 29, 2014, in Illustrations

001 creative illustrations waldemar von kozak Cheeky Illustrations by Waldemar von Kozak

Waldemar von Kozak is an incredibly talented artist best known for his cheeky illustrations prominently featuring tough, sexy women. His work has an old-school flavor with a cartoonish feel that will make any viewer smile. Waldemar does freelance work and his work may be found in ads, corporate calendars, posters, postcards, and playing cards. He currently lives and works in Russia.

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Celebrity Hedcuts by Noli Novak

By on January 24, 2014, in Illustrations

a09a329ed4b781ddbe9f6d3378e043dd Celebrity Hedcuts by Noli Novak

Hedcuts are a style of drawing associated with The Wall Street Journal. The stipple and hatching methods of drawing are used to create a portrait similar to that of medieval woodcuts and currency engravings. Noli Novak, an illustrator for The Wall Street Journal with over 26 years of experience under his belt, is one of the few artists who have been keeping this style of drawing alive. He said that capturing the likeness of the subject is of utmost importance when making hedcuts. Most of the portraits he’s done are spot illustrations that are incorporated into newspaper articles. While he may not be able to pick his subjects he is given legal permission to use the photographs as reference material to base his portraits on.

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Hidden – Provocative Illustrations by Jessica Lichtenstein

By on January 21, 2014, in Illustrations

jessica lichtenstein afterglow art 01 Hidden – Provocative Illustrations by Jessica Lichtenstein

┬áJessica Lichtenstein uses the female form to explore deeper themes of power, fetishism, and objectification in an ironic way. The irony lies in the fact that her work embodies the very paradox she is trying to explore. According to one website, Jessica’s work challenges the viewer to: “question whether these hyper-sexualized women are depicted solely to satisfy an insatiable male-dominated gaze, or if such a theory is too narrow, neglecting to address the complex nature of women and their desire to enjoy their sexuality, enjoy their bodies and their desire to be desirable”. Her work is much sought after in the art world and can be found in private collections all over the world.

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Sweet Selections – Illustrations by Georgi Dimitrov

By on January 20, 2014, in Illustrations

ae617eb8d063fccd4b853d2e26b61e14 Sweet Selections – Illustrations by Georgi Dimitrov

These toothsome illustrations are just some of the works of Bulgarian illustrator Georgi Dimitrov. It seems to me that these high-calorie snacks were deconstructed into their basic elements with rather drippy results. Oddly enough, the cartoonish aspect of the drawings gives the viewer a new perspective on these so-called ‘junk’ food. Georgi is also known as Erase in artistic circles. When not drawing food, he dabbles in street art and character design.

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Imaginative Illustrations by Whendell Souza L.

By on December 24, 2013, in Illustrations

witch  by Whendell Souza L Imaginative Illustrations by Whendell Souza L.

Whendell Souza L is a Brazilian digital artist whose work speaks volumes about his talent and imagination. He is currently active on deviantART where his posted works have gathered quite a following. His style combines fantasy, fiction, and myth with strong feminine characters. To date he does freelance work with photo retouching, photo manipulation, CD covers, and book covers.

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