Grumpy Bears and Skinny Chefs – Imaginative 3D Characters by Leticia Reinaldo

By on December 21, 2013, in Illustrations

bearrr by Leticia Reinaldo600 796 Grumpy Bears and Skinny Chefs – Imaginative 3D Characters by Leticia Reinaldo

Leticia Reinaldo is an imaginative 3D artist who is currently based in Los Angeles. Originally from Brazil, she moved to California to attend the prestigious Gnomon School of Visual Effects. Her formal studies enhanced her already considerable artistic and technical skills which in turn resulted into incredibly detailed 3D illustrations. Most of her work involved the creation and development of characters and background in commercials. Leticia specialized in character modeling and background texturing.  She also taught at the School of Art, Game and Animation where she created a program which focuses on architectural visualization. The program is currently in place and is still used until this day.

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A Glimpse of Plot – Douglas Smith

By on December 18, 2013, in Illustrations

e1dc5b1cde1bbe89deb50645b02dea2b A Glimpse of Plot – Douglas Smith

Douglas Smith is a true blue New Yorker who earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. His freelance career blossomed in Boston where he worked for local magazines such as New England Monthly, Boston Magazine, and Boston Globe. Smith’s style is reminiscent of the illustrated woodcuts found in ancient texts. Each piece tells an interesting story which any viewer with a modicum of imagination would have no trouble figuring out. Douglas is also a staunch advocate of Greenpeace. He has drawn numerous projects for them including a famous anti-seal pup hunting T-shirt design. He also illustrated an anti-whaling children’s book. He currently lives off the coast of Maine in a house full of odd stuff, art, and three friendly felines.

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Mishmash – Weird, But Oddly Pleasing Art by Adonna Khare

By on December 17, 2013, in Illustrations

Adonna Khare14 730x977 Mishmash – Weird, But Oddly Pleasing Art by Adonna Khare

Adonna Khare was raised in a small town in Iowa. Her talent for drawing showed at the age of three when started drawing animals and her family. Her favorite tools then were: a sock, an eraser, and a pencil. Her drawings are entirely unplanned and they evolve as she draws. Adonna earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Art as well as her Masters in Fine Arts at the California State University Long Beach. Of her work, she said: ” Through the work I hope to inspire adults and children to allow their imaginations to envelop them into a world other than their own. Within the work are hundreds of vignette’s, featuring creatures juxtaposed with ordinary events. Viewers are encouraged to spend time discovering the work as it unfolds foot by foot story by story.”

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You Are What You Eat – Eric Chow

By on December 16, 2013, in Illustrations

Eric Chow13 You Are What You Eat – Eric Chow

You Are What You Eat is an amusing series by London-based illustrator Eric Chow. As the name implies, it features caricatures of obviously overweight people starting to resemble the food they love to eat. It’s great how he manages to transform an ice cream cone into a ballerina, a shy redhead into a doughnut, and a Hollywood exec into a cheeseburger. Eric Chow is originally from Hong Kong which probably explains why his other illustrations have a generous helping of weirdness mixed in.

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Awesome Animal Portraits by Werner Dreblow

By on December 15, 2013, in Illustrations

Werner Dreblow22 Awesome Animal Portraits by Werner Dreblow

Werner Dreblow is an uber-talented photographer currently based in Berlin. One of his most recent work feature animals in some of the most adorable poses ever! Only Werner can make a snake look cute. Well, cuter than usual, anyway. Those critters that already have a fair amount of cuteness have it magnified tenfold. The result is an amusing and adorable series we simply couldn’t get enough of. Animal photography is a bit more challenging since you simply can’t ask your subject to pose in a certain way or assume an expression. In Werner’s work, however, it’s not immediately obvious that a whole lot of post-production image manipulation is done before the finished product.

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Distroy – A Gritty Remake of Iconic Cartoon Characters by Pierre-Yves Riveau

By on December 13, 2013, in Illustrations

distroy pez pierre yves riveau 41 Distroy – A Gritty Remake of Iconic Cartoon Characters by Pierre Yves Riveau

Distroy is a brand new series by French artist Pierre-Yves Riveau where he gave us a grittier version of some of our most well-loved characters. The obvious play on words is not lost on most of his audiences as one of his images in the series is the word Distroy done in the classic (and trademarked) font similar to Disney’s. Among the famous cartoon characters that got a Pez make-over are: Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck, Mario, Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, and one of the kids in South Park. Pierre also goes by the name of Pez on Behance and deviantArt. This prolific artist has been working freelance since 2006.

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Awesome Realistic 3D Characters by Pawel Rebisz

By on December 7, 2013, in Illustrations

Pawel Rebisz  4600 829 Awesome Realistic 3D Characters by Pawel Rebisz

Pawel Rebisz is a web designer, illustrator, and digital artist who specializes in 3D rendering. What makes him stand out from the mainstream crowd is the amazing amount of detail he puts into each and everyone of his characters. Zoom in close and you’ll see the character’s wrinkles, freckles,  and even individual pores. That’s a lot of detail for just one character. This artist is definitely not the slapdash sort when it comes to his art. Pawel currently lives and works in Rzeszow, Poland.

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Ink Ninjas – Illustrations by Jungshan

By on December 6, 2013, in Illustrations

Jungshan 34600 600 Ink Ninjas – Illustrations by Jungshan

Jungshan is a freelance illustrator whose simple medium belie the complexity of her inky illustrations. By combining the ancient style of Asian  ink illustration with digital art techniques, Junshan succeeded in creating stunningly beautiful images. Her strokes give the  illusion of movement and action, something that is not easily achieved using a still medium. According to her, the poit of her drawings is their ‘emotional appeal’. Jungshan is currently based in Taiwan.

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Stick ‘Em With the Pointy End – Character Illustrations by Ania Mitura

By on November 30, 2013, in Illustrations

 Stick ‘Em With the Pointy End – Character Illustrations by Ania Mitura

Ania Mitura is a Polish freelance concept artist and illustrator who specializes in bringing to life some of our favorite characters from The Game Of Thrones series. Thus far, she has come up with Arya and Sansa Stark, Tywin, Jamie, and Tyrion Lannister, Ygritte, Jon Snow, Sandor Clegane, and may more. While each character is based on the actors that portray them, there are small but subtle differences that makes them disparate from the characters themselves. Ania’s illustrations are utterly recognizable as the characters they play on the series instead of just looking like Peter Dinklage, Maisie Williams, or Christopher Harington.

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Awesome Hand Drawn Designs by Si Scott

By on November 28, 2013, in Illustrations

Si Scott2 Awesome Hand Drawn Designs by Si Scott

Si Scott is a talented artist who creates unique, hand-drawn designs. A lot of his work is in minimalistic black and white which only serves to heighten the flowing lines and calculated precision of his work. His studio, Si Scott Studio, has a solid reputaion for creating one-of-a-kind concepts and imagery. Because of this, his list of prestigious clients are growing. His work has been featured in ads, brands, published media, interior design, and even album covers. He has recently delved into the world of tattooing and paper cutting. Si Scott currently lives and works in the United Kingdom.

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