Furry Felines – Illustrations by Daesiy

By on September 6, 2013, in Illustrations

sun ray by daesiy Furry Felines – Illustrations by Daesiy

Daesiy (aka Dae) is an 18-year-old American artist who creates amazingly detailed digital illustrations. Her account over at deviantART has a ton of watchers. What I love about her work is that her animals (mostly feline or canine in nature) are naturally posed and proportioned. She accepts commissions, but she’s a little busy at the moment. What with packing up and saying goodbye to friends and family before she leave for college. With the quality of her non-professional work, I can’t wait for her to go pro. Dae is definitely worth watching out for.

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Posters – Art and Illustrations by Joshua Budich

By on August 25, 2013, in Illustrations

Joshua Budich 5600 800 Posters – Art and Illustrations by Joshua Budich

Joshua Budich loves TV shows, movies, and music. His passion for them is pretty obvious in his art, which features some of his favorite movies, TV series, and musicians. Five years ago, he went into the screenprint business and now boasts around 65 pprints in his art portfolio. He is currently based in Baltimore where he also lives with his wife, four-year-old son, and Scottish terrier. He also designed a website which won a WEBBY Award. The site commemorated the end of his Star Wars action figure collection. Joshua also brews his own beer, bakes his own pizza, grinds his own meat, and plays golf.

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Silence of the Bunnies – Wacky Illustrations by Ekaterina Frolova

By on August 20, 2013, in Illustrations

1813374f89a654b7a81f4c5fbdfb9ce0 Silence of the Bunnies – Wacky Illustrations by Ekaterina Frolova

Kate Frolova is a freelance illustrator from Moscow. She also goes by the name Ekaterina Frolova in some of her artistic accounts in the web. She is known for her wacky and highly cartoonish illustrations. Menacing pumpkins, worm-eating-apples and nectar-swilling bees are but a small part of her repertoire. My favorite is the adorable bunny rabbit dressed as Hannibal Lecter.

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Gone to Seed – Comic Illustrations by Carlos Dattoli

By on August 18, 2013, in Illustrations

Carlos Dattoli4 Gone to Seed – Comic Illustrations by Carlos Dattoli

Carlos Dattoli is a freelancie artist who specializes in digital illustration. He utilizes photoshop to do all his paintings from scratch. His subjects range from post-apocalyptic horrors to alien bat-things. One of his more recent work features a crane-assisted Superman, a Segway-riding Flash, and an out-of-breath Dynamic Duo. It seems that the lack of super villains to foil has resulted in our heroes letting themselves go in the kitchen. Increased mass notwithstanding, these no-longer-lean, mean, crime-fighting machines are still fighting.

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Squiggles – Portraits by Vince Low

By on August 17, 2013, in Illustrations

Vince Low5 Squiggles – Portraits by Vince Low

Portraits are difficult, but Malaysian artist Vince Low has not only mastered the art of portraiture, he draws them using nothing but a bunch of squiggles. At a glance, they look like rough sketches but they’re actually perfect portraits just as they are. He has drawn, with great accuracy, the portraits of Rowan Atkinson, Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, Samuel L. Jackson, Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, and Jack Nicholson. Vince is currently the head illustrator in an art studio in Malaysia.

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Fantastic Pencil Portraits by J. leigh

By on August 9, 2013, in Illustrations

blue eyed dragon by jldragonfly600 393 Fantastic Pencil Portraits by J. leigh

J. Leigh is a 29-year-old American artist who draws fantastic portraits in pencil. According to her deviantART account, she likes interesting or moving music, hates wallpaper (she prefers paint, but this option usually leads to problems seeing the screen), and is NOT a resident of this dimension. Her personal quote is: “Rocking the boat would NOT be such a problem if everyone in it knew how to swim….”. Oh, and her skin of choice is one that isn’t judged at first glance. Clever answers to otherwise boring questions, but it is the level of detail in her work that makes her stand out from all the other pencil artists out there. I love the way she uses primary colors to highlight certain aspects of her subjects.

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Comic Book Heroes – Illustrations by Joshua Middleton

By on August 6, 2013, in Illustrations

Joshua Middleton illustration 09 Comic Book Heroes – Illustrations by Joshua Middleton

Joshua Middleton is a gifted Illustrator whose work has graced the pages of both DC and Marvel, Darkhorse, and Image comics. He has long since branched out into book cover art, character design, and concept art. Joshua has also worked as an art director for television and a feature film. His impressive list of clients include: Warner Brothers Animation, Nickelodeon Animation Studios, Scholastic, Abrams, Bloomsbury, Tor, Viking, Disney, Universal Pictures, Lionsgate, Sony, Sony Pictures Animation, Warner Brothers, and Infinitum Nihil. He is sometimes also known as Josh Middleton.

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Frosted Fast Food – Illustrations by Ben Frost

By on July 26, 2013, in Illustrations

9 Frosted Fast Food – Illustrations by Ben Frost

Ben Frost is an Australian artist known for his trademark kaleidoscopic style. One of his more recent works involve empty packs of McDonald’s fries and a few well-known pop icons. Bart Simpson, Elmo, Batman, a Spy, and a pair of Zombies – all of them are incorporated into the fast food wrappers. Ben co-founded the online art portal StupidKrap.com. He lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

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Fairy Tales and Batman – Illustrations by Francisco Valle

By on July 24, 2013, in Illustrations

dragaoads Fairy Tales and Batman – Illustrations by Francisco Valle

Francisco Valle is a Brazilian illustrator and art director. His quirky series “Stomachache” is, excuse the pun, a bellyful of laughs. The series features a couple of well-known and well-liked public figures who appears to be great gastronomical discomfort over the remains of their arch nemesis. Apparently, Batman and President Obama have bitten off more than they could chew. Francisco’s other works are just as wacky, if not more so. My personal favorite features a rescued damsel, a knight in shining armor, and a dragon engrossed in reading fairy tales.

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Come, All You Little Monsters – Digital art by Sofian Moumene

By on July 5, 2013, in Illustrations

Sofian Moumene3 Come, All You Little Monsters – Digital art by Sofian Moumene

Sofian Moumene was born in Algeria on September 22, 1985. His family moved to Romania, Bucharest when he was eight years old. Sofian currently works under CariocaStudio doing what he does best: digital art. He specializes in creating realistic computer generated images. He usually starts from scratch and does the texturing, lighting, modeling, and topology himself. Sofian also does a bit of freelance work on the side when he has the time. Of all his images, my favorite ones are the cute monster kids going to what appears to be a birthday party.

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